Terms of Service

Term of Service

  • HasToGo offers users around the world an opportunity to come together on a single classified ad site to see what is being offered for sale, trade, barter when it comes to products, items and services.
  • HasToGo is free to anyone to post ads and view ads.  We itend it to be this way for ever so please lets make is a safe, productive and enjoyable site.
  • All users are expected to act in a manner that is respectful and all postings are to be legitimate, factual and accurate. 
  • HasToGo will not under any circumstances allow or tolerate any illicit, illegal or offensive material, photos or propaganda.
  • Any materials, photos or propaganda that is deemed to be of illicit, illegal or offensive activity will be addressed and dealt with quicky.
  • Users who violae these simple rules will find themselves not be able to access HasToGo to sell, trade, barter or view products, items and or services being offered or to post ads as well.
  • All visitors, users, posters and advertisers on HasToGo agree to completely release HasToGo of any and all liability arising from ads and actions created from these ads that are posted on HasToGo.

We hope you enjoy HasToGo and spread to the word to you family and friends!!